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Top 10 Pickup Artists


The top 10 pickup artists is a look at who is really helping guys out in the dating scene in 2011. It doesn't matter if they are still actively releasing new material, as long as their work is still relevant. You wouldn't count Plato out of a top 10 philosophers list just because he is long gone, would you? OK then, let's get started. Here are the top 10 pickup artists who you can genuinely learn from.

1. David D:

David DeAngelo

Known as the father of pick up artistry, David D has released more dating guides than anyone. He was releasing them before anyone even knew what a pick up artist was, and people just wanted some tips on being better with women. David's "cocky funny" routines rank among the most popular by far. His techniques have been adapted by many of the below 9 PUA's as well, making him a true leader of men.

2. Neil Strauss:

Neil Strauss

Mystery always needs to be mentioned in the top 3 pick up artists, and it's almost a crime not to list him #1. He easily could be interchanged with #1, though he has many critics indeed. His book "Mystery Method" was one of the game changers in the PUA industry, and the best selling book "The Game" by Neil Strauss had him as a main character.

3. Tyler Durden:

Tyler Durden

TD is always going to be ranked among the top of the pick up artists, and for good reasons. He has consistently released new and good products that actually help guys out, including classics such as the Social Dynamics Blueprint, Foundations and Transformations. All 3 of these live events were filmed and transformed into a DVD series.

4. Soul:

Jeremy Soul

Soul makes our top pick up artist list at #4, and not just because he is so skilled, but because he brings an entirely different set of skills to the table. Soul is best known for his "day game", which is otherwise known as picking up women in daylight hours. It's traditional yet most of the PUA stuff has always focused on nightclub game.

5. Gambler:

Richard La Ruina

Gambler, whose real name is Richard La Ruina is the top British pick up artist, and runs a company called PUA Training. They are well known for having innovative approaches while still building on foundations that are sure to work. There are lots of different training programs that you can see Gambler in, such as Speed Seduction and Ultimate Natural Game. Both of these DVD series are incredible to watch and highly entertaining. He has a way of teaching that is compatible with most students.

6. Brad P:

Brad Paisley

This guy just has to get some accolades because he always seems to have his name popping up everywhere for his products and advice, and he never really seems to get the credit. Brad P is one of the most published authors on this whole list, with an uncountable amount of guides out there covering everything a to z in dating and relationships. He even has a 300 page book out on style for men, which is a great read until this day.

7. Cajun:


Many people don't know this Love Systems instructor but that's because he is from Canada and does many of his workshops in his home city of Toronto. Cajun was featured on the pick up show "Keys To The VIP", where he absolutely smoked the other contestant in the competition. His show of skills and mastery even blew away all 4 of the judges on the show, and they claimed he was the best contestant they've ever seen. His target selection was exquisite as well, going only after the most beautiful of women in all 3 rounds.

8. Matador:

Matador Artists

Matador gets credit for being on this list because he was taken under the wing of Mystery, who is an easy #1 or #2 on this list every time, every year, maybe even for eternity. Mystery said that the guy is good and he was on television and wheeling women left right and center because of it. Many of his thanks should be going to Erik, and I'm sure that he does just that.

9. Sasha:

Sasha DJ

Sasha the PUA is often featured in videos on day game, where he brings his unbelieveable direct approach to the streets in the biggest cities in the world. He is so direct, so bold, and so upfront, yet his approach works. Watch countless videos of him on Youtube doing his thing, and you'll find that he is great in respects to the fact he shows the video even when the approach didn't work. After all, we are all human.

10. Ross Jeffries:

Ross Jeffries

This guy always has to be on the list because his material is so deep. It might go over a lot of readers heads, and certainly looks to be like a huge mountain to climb even for the most intelligent guys. That being said, there is a lot of psychology and science behind his method "speed seduction" including many elements of NLP. He is easily one of the more interesting pick up artists out there, so that's why he is rounding out this top 10 list of pickup artists.