Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
Review of the popular eBook Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating eBook Review

"Double Your Dating" by David DeAngelo

What Every Man Should Know To Be Successful With Women

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When it comes to authority in the dating world, David DeAngelo is probably the foremost author. With a whole raft of products coming out of the DeAngelo stable over the last couple of years, each and every one would need a review in its own right, but the story actually began with “ Double Your Dating ” which has, much to the delight of readers the world over, been fully reworked and updated. The book has to be considered the Holy Grail for men wanting to learn how to master the art of picking up a woman!

Product Review:

Although I’m not the type to normally air my woes in public, I feel this is definitely the time to do so. I have never been what you would class as lucky with the female gender, and the dates I did manage to go on were actually set up for me by friends and family. I would get agitated when I saw “normal” looking guys pulling all the beautiful girls, but I assumed this all had something to do with them being rich as much as anything. Not being rich myself, I thought there just had to be some other way to get hooked up with one of the stunning women that were walking about out there. I tried everything, from searching forums online to trawling through blog after blog, and although some of the things I picked up were helpful, they didn’t have enough to help me score. At the end of the day, I didn’t have enough money to keep buying eBooks on the topic so I decided to knuckle down and do some research and try and locate something that would REALLY show me how I could get one of these babes.

When I stumbled across David DeAngelo’s book, which was called “ Double Your Dating I was rather wary because of the low price and all the “extras” that were being offered as incentives. I had seen that many eBook’s out there that turned out to be absolute garbage that were also selling for low prices while offering loads of “extras”. Because of this I continued wasting my time searching for this Holy Grail by sifting through forums and blogs, trying to gauge what other people were recommending; and do you know what? “ Double Your Dating ” kept coming up as a recommended read! I bit the bullet and place my order.

When the book was safely in my possession, I grabbed a coffee and settled down for a good read. But the first few pages really turned into a struggle and I really had to force myself to go on – boy, am I glad I did! It turns out that “ Double Your Dating ” is so much more than just a few techniques thrown together and that you could find anywhere on the net. The book focused very strongly on the main elements required for interacting socially as well as laying the foundations in becoming more desirable and intriguing to the opposite sex.

The book offers a plethora of vital information that is required in the development of self-improvement and the adjustments needed to be a success with the ladies. Not only this but it goes into great detail on how you can deal with almost any situation that may arise in your efforts with the fairer sex; and not the sort of details that requires you to learn or memorize something either! This book can help you turn into that man that you have always dreamed off, the man that women want and desire.

Reading this eBook really opened my eyes to the whole world of male and female social interaction, making me see things for the first time that I had never even noticed beforehand. Although never a social outcast, I was always the shy type and had the unenviable ability of letting a pretty girl strip me of all confidence just by her being there in front of me. This made it extremely hard for me to do anything accept clam up and stare, let alone muster up any courage to ask her out for a date! By turning to page 41 of this amazing book, you will find a fantastic method of developing a confidence in yourself you didn’t dream possible, confidence not only in your demeanour, but you appearance and yes, your manhood itself. I didn’t think it possible that changes could be made mentally that could have such an effect on ones outlook to life, but I was definitely wrong.

David DeAngelo does a fantastic job in explaining the six different types of insecurity that contribute to your lack of success with the opposite sex. He goes into great detail while explaining each one, enabling you to take a good, constructive look at yourself so you can seek out your insecurities, therefore allowing you to conquer them. To be totally honest with you, I never classed myself as an insecure guy; just a bit shy was all. After completing the book I made the realisation that my introversion was what was holding me back, and the worst part was that the women noticed and were turned off by it. It was as though my shyness and insecurity were screaming out to the woman in question: “I’m not really good for you so avoid me if you can!”

A couple of weeks after reading the book, I was at a party with a couple of friends and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to put a few things I had learnt from the book into practise. I was just leaving the bar with a drink when this gorgeous brunette caught my eye, standing not too far from me. Remembering one of DeAngelo’s simple openers from the book I started to chat to her and to my amazement she was actually conversing back with me. I felt the old rumblings of insecurity somewhere deep down, beginning to feel as if the spotlight had focused totally on me, but I held my nerve although I was thinking that I could lose it in a flash. Time to call on another technique learnt from “ Double Your Dating ”, one that the author called “Cocky and Funny” and was basically when a person can act playful although slightly negatively but in a humorous, forthcoming way.

Well, I’ll tell you right now, the effect was unbelievable! She was smiling and laughing along with me and within half-an-hour we had found ourselves a quiet little corner and were kissing! Using the great advice I had gleaned from the book again, I managed to get the girls phone number and told her I’d call. I left the party beaming like a Cheshire cat, so I called her up a couple of days later and we agreed to meet up at the weekend. We spent the evening at my place and to say that all my friends were absolutely amazed is an understatement! They didn’t believe I had it in me, and frankly, nor did I!

I must admit that the evening I was meeting her for the second time I was getting slightly nervous and started running things through my head, just like the self-doubt was making an unwelcome return. Do you know what I did? I had a quick browse through “ Double Your Dating ” just to recap on a few tips and techniques. I implemented many of these during the course of that evening, making sure that she “stayed with me”, making her laugh and smile and basically just keeping her interested. It paid off! At the end of the evening we had fallen into bed with each other and were having a “heavenly” time!

When she had left the following morning, I contemplated on how far I had come and what had actually led to all the events of the previous amazing evening. It was simple though – I had found a book that had decent information and gave me the answers I was looking for, not one of those eBooks just filled with rubbish and fluff, pages and pages of useless information. “ Double Your Dating ” was the real thing – straight to the point, no-nonsense, easily understood practical advice and information. No rubbish just added to fill pages; this was powerful stuff! Each paragraph, chapter and page was chock-full of the information that I needed to know and learn and it was all put together by one very talented and knowledgeable author in David DeAngelo. Unlike a lot of the garbage floating around out there, his books are easy to read, easy to understand, and above all, useful. The book was cleverly written with a normal guy in mind and any normal guy can get much out of it.

The upshot on “ Double Your Dating ”?

I was more than a little sceptical at first and just presumed that this book would turn out like all the others I had wasted my money on, but I was proved wrong. The book actually delivered what it promised to and more.

If you require something above and beyond the usual tacky pick-up lines and innuendos, then this book is the one for you. Once you have given it the once over I’m sure you will agree with my sentiments that this book is awesome and nothing else even gets close!

If you still remain slightly dubious, then rest assured in the knowledge that the book comes with a rock-solid, no risk 100% money back guarantee should you find it doesn’t live up to your expectations. I’m telling you though, that just isn’t going to happen!