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Double Your Dating eBook
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Things You Should Know Before Talking About Being Physical In Your Date

There are no hard and fast rules on how and when to start a talk about getting physical because it could vary from case to case. If you have been going steady for a fairly long period and know each other closely and are in real love, you could possibly think of talking about sex. Never talk about this topic under peer pressure or just for fun. David DeAngelo’s well known ebook Double Your Dating would be a useful guide to know how to tell about getting physical to your date without being embarrassed.

Make doubly sure that you are ready for it and you look forward to it earnestly before making any stride in this direction. Normally women might need time to open up and to express their opinions on getting physical so make sure that you are not forcing your decision on them. Remember, this is not something that you should do as per a schedule or a fixed timetable. It is a beautiful feeling that comes from within naturally. In case you are not ready for a full blown sexual experience, make sure that you let your mate about it so that you are not caught in an embarrassing situation of being forced to do something that you were not ready for!

You can bring up the topic when you are together in a private setting and in a relaxed mood. A suggestive look, gestures or subtle expressions might drive home the point seamlessly. Whether the guy or the girl should start the conversation is not of much significance because anyone who is comfortable doing so can take up this topic. However make sure that you are not offending the feeling of your partner and if the girl is too shy, fearful or anxious about her chastity, you can adopt a wait and watch policy.

Talking about sex on your first date is generally considered taboo as it is too early for both the partners to take such a big step. Single women get turned off when you get too sexually aggressive on a first date. It could also send out a signal that you are not interested in a stable relationship but only sexual pleasure. When you focus too much on sex, she might think that you don’t have any respect for her as well. Being romantic is the ideal thing in the initial stages of your relationship.

Touching, ogling or passing dirty jokes are likely to get a prompt rebuff from your date. A gentlemanly behavior would be the best thing to win her heart. Do not show haste; the first priority would be to get to know each other and to see whether your body chemistry matches. The rest of the things fall in place naturally. When she is ready and is comfortable with the idea of sex, you can very well get physical; however indulge in responsible and safe sex to ensure the well being of both the partners.

Remember, getting physical is not everything in a relation but only forms a part of it. So it is better not to stress on it too much. A decent behavior would leave a big impression on her and once you are in your good books, all the pleasures follow, David hints in his book Double Your Dating. So keep your male hormones in check till the time is right!