Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
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How Self Improvement Improves Dating Chance with Women?

What type of men the women pick up for dating? It is a question that has been in the minds of men, who have constantly failed in dating the hot and beautiful women around. You don’t need to have a pair of horns to win a date with women. But you need to have some good personality traits that trigger the women’s interest in dating. Self improvement is one of the many tips for men given by dating expert David DeAngelo in his book Double Your Dating. Here is how self improvement really works to make men successful in dating women.

Building Confidence
The first step of self improvement in men is to build confidence. Women always get attracted towards men with a good level of confidence. Men who are introvert or reserved often fail to approach the women in the right manner. However, the attribute of confidence, even in people who are less jovial by nature makes them score some points in the eyes of women. Developing confidence is one of the many ways of improving your overall personality.

Looking Physically Good
Fine tuning the looks can help a man to please the beautiful women around. The fairer sex has definite affinity for men who have the capability to maintain their look. From having a good hairstyle to dressing up well, men need to improve every aspect of looking great for availing the chance to date a woman.

Social Behavior
Men who are socially well-behaved always succeed to impress women. You must improve on things like how to interact with people from different age groups and how to behave in a social gathering, especially when you are surrounded by women you eye the most. DoubleYourDating, one of the choicest dating ebooks, devotes one of its sections explicitly to highlight the significance of social interaction in successful dating.

Intelligence Counts
Women give attention to men who are intelligent. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a genius or a scientist to impress women with intelligent talks. Small things of intelligence can raise your bar in front of women. For example, participating in an ongoing discussion can make the women around listen to you. Improving intelligence is not difficult as every person is more intelligent than he thinks he is.

Creativity Calls for Attention
If you have a hidden talent inside you, improve yourself to let it come out in front of the world. Creativity is what differentiates desirable men from those who are tagged unwanted by the women. Improving your skills in a particular field requires you to be devoted towards it.

So, how to bring self-improvement that gives you an upper hand over other men to get successful with women? You can try and do it yourself, but it might take a long time and keep you away from the perfect results. An expert guidance can make the task of self-improvement easier for men.

Double Your Dating” is a dating guide for men and it is one of the few guides that confirm the importance of self-improvement to win a date with your dream woman. The book contains useful information on how men should make some adjustments to achieve success in dating. Visit to learn more about the book and how it helps men become desirable among women.