Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
Review of the popular eBook Double Your Dating

Increase Your Dating Chance by Becoming Socially Desirable

Dating and making relationships is a part of one’s social life. People living in the same society come together on the basis of their social behavior and interaction with one another. Women desire men who are well-versed in their social skills and gestures. Standing in a crowd, you can easily impress the women around by showcasing the social aspects of your personality. Double Your Dating, the exclusive dating guide for men, gives social desirability a high rank to get successful among men.

The following discussion highlights the tips to become socially desirable in the world of dating:

Shyness as an Obstacle:
Men, who are extremely shy, never find themselves confident enough to approach a woman and ask for date. Hence, they are restricted from getting noticed by women as socially desirable. Shyness is not a problem as one can overcome it with practice. Dating expert David DeAngelo considers shyness to be different from insecurities among men as it can be eliminated to enhance one’s social behavior.

Being Friendly:
Men, who are friendly with people around them, easily get attracted to the women. Friendliness is an integral part of one’s social behavior and it has a positive contribution towards dating success. However, there has to be a clear distinction between being friendly and overfriendly, especially in case of men. Women wish men to be friendly but they also want men to maintain the typical male behavior.

Communication Skills:
Women feel good in the company of men who are good at communicating their thoughts and opinions. Communication skills can be polished in a number of ways:

  • Be confident while interacting with women.
  • Don’t exhibit nervousness and be relaxed in front of women.
  • Possess knowledge about things women love to talk about.
  • Have intelligent conversations and use your body language to match your communication.

Double Your Dating is one of the dating books for men that give good communication extreme importance to impress women. David DeAngelo shares some great tips in the book to become socially desirable through communication.

Be a Listener as Well
Men tend to behave arrogant, when it comes to listening to others. Women find such men to be bigheaded and self-centered and ineligible for dating. Being social means to exchange ideas and showing that you are a good listener. This is sure to generate good impression for you among women.

Don’t Generate False Impressions
It is important for you to be yourself to gain admiration and respect among women. Trying to be someone you are not can cut down your dating opportunities. Your social behavior should reflect the real man inside you. Try to be a real man and it will automatically reflect through your social behavior.

Double Your Dating”, a dating guide for men by David DeAngelo, is a good platform to learn about your social behavior and tips to improve it for getting successful with women. The guide teaches about self-improvement that refines your social desirability among women. Visit to know how this useful guide helps men to become socially acceptable, thereby increasing their dating chances.