Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
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Improve Your Sense of Humor for Better Dating Chances with Women

Laughing is not only good for health, but it can have positive effect on relationships as well. Dating experts and dating magazines all over the world rank a good sense of humor in men among top five qualities that make them popular and attractive to women. Humor is counted among physical appearance, power, fame and financial stability as the personality traits of desirable men. Dating expert David DeAngelo goes a step further mentioning humor as the most important skill for men in his dating guide Double Your Dating.

If so much importance is given to sense of humor, let’s learn about its importance in improving dating chances.

Making Conversation Light
Humor can make conversation light and easy among two opposite sexes. It works amazingly if you are able to practice humor during your first conversation with women. Remember the fact that dating a dull and boring guy is not preferred by most of the women. Being reserved makes conversation boring, stealing away the chances of making good impression on the very first meet.

Exhibiting Your Intelligence
Humor is rightly associated with intelligence as good humor is the product of cleverness and aptitude. Only intelligent men can think of jokes and witty one-liners instantly. Moreover, intelligence helps the men to generate humor according to the mood of the situation. Remember that a non-sense sense of humor can have negative effect on your chances of dating the woman you are conversing with.

Make Them Feel Good
Just like men, women wish to have fun while being on a date. Accompanying a man with great sense of humor make them feel relaxed and let them make best out of the moments. Humor is good for boosting the immune system and also for stress bursting. Laughing has an overall positive impact on the mind and the body of people. So, women prefer to be with men who know how to tickle the funny bones.

Become Attractive
Even the men with not so attractive looks and physical appearance but a good sense of humor become attractive for women. This is the reason that dating experts like David DeAngelo give a lot of preference to humor as a top quality for men to possess.

So, what should be your efforts to attain good clean humor in your interaction with women? You can collect humorous jokes from good sources and memorize them. You can also exercise humor watching funny videos on the web. Learn about the right timing to crack a joke or deliver a witty dialogue. Be in the company of fun-loving people.

Double Your Dating provides you with an opportunity to learn self-improvement and become acceptable among women. The guide has a special section devoted to the aspect of being funny with women. David DeAngelo shares his personal experiences on how humor turns even the worst looking men attractive for women. In this dating guide, David also teaches some good tips on how to polish your sense of humor. Obtain more information about the guide from