Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
Review of the popular eBook Double Your Dating

Improve Your Dating Chance with Women by Handling Insecurities

Women are upfront about their fears and insecurities associated with dating and relationships. Men too have their share of dating insecurities but most of them prefer not to talk about them with other men. The questions like “does she dislike me” and “am I mature enough to deal with girls” constantly overpower the minds of many men. David DeAngelo talks about common dating insecurities in men in his dating book Double Your Dating. According to him insecurities in men portray them as needy in front of women, cutting off their chances of dating.

Let’s learn in detail about dating insecurities in men and how overcoming them indeed doubles men’s chance of dating women.

Showing Too Much of Emotions
Men often exhibit their insecurity when they let their emotions breakout in front of women. If there are many things in the world that upset you and generate emotional response from your side, women will find you as insecure. To improve your dating chances, never show your emotional side in front of women.

Being Too Much Negative
Men who have not been successful in dating previously or those who were dumped by their past women become insecure with new women as well. This makes them adopt a negative attitude and pessimistic view towards life. However, the women around such men are not able to cope up with the negative attitude of men. It is a clear indication of insecurity in men and certainly reduces the chances of winning great dates. Every relationship should be started afresh without letting past creep into the present.

Being Uncomfortable
In Double Your Dating, David addresses the problem of men being uncomfortable with what they are or how they look. Men are insecure about their falling hair, their dressing sense and many other similar things. All such thoughts make men weak and insecure and ineligible for dating with high-profile women. To be comfortable you need to overcome your insecurity through self-improvement. David provides more tips on how to get comfortable in front of women through his dating tips.

Expecting to Get Praised
Men who expect compliments and praise from people around them exhibit themselves to be needy and insecure. If you really have a good personality, you will be noticed automatically by the people, especially women. Showing off beyond limit makes men look insecure and this is one thing that divert the attention of women.

Showing Dependence
Women like men to be strong enough to take decisions. Men who depend upon others to take decisions reflect their insecurity and incapability to take decisions. You should be firm in taking decisions for yourself as well as for others who depend upon you. This is one quality women adore in men they want to go on date with.

Double Your Dating elaborates dating insecurities in men in detail and provides a number of solutions to handle them. Written by a dating expert, the book is among the rare guides that highlight the insecurities in men towards dating. If you wish to learn more about the book, visit and take your first step to improve your dating chances.