Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
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How Fame, Power and Money Make Men Desirable for Women?

Ask a woman about the qualities she would like to have in her man and you will find the mention of three important things – fame, power and money. Women have their own valid reasons to find men with these qualities attractive as dating partners. A man demonstrating these three things is easily surrounded by women and he has higher chance of being repeatedly successful in dating beautiful women. David DeAngelo in his famous ebook Double Your Dating clearly states the importance women give to famous, powerful and rich men.

Let’s find out more on how fame, power and money improve potential for men to date women.

How Fame Attracts Women?
Famous men are like magnets with a huge power of attraction. Fame is the measure of success and every woman has the desire to be with a successful man. Men who are famous are like prizes and women compete among themselves to win them. This is another reason that makes famous men full of potential to win dates with women. A woman doesn’t like other women to compete with her for the choicest guy and this automatically increases the chances of dating for the man with fame.

How Money Attracts Women?
Almost all of this are aware this fact, isn’t it? Women always wish to have security in life and a rich man fulfills this wish. It is easy to understand the fact that money allows women to do and buy things that have been lacking in their lives. Dating a rich guy makes it possible for them to have an access to money that they can spend for fun and enjoyment (And of course the gifts are an icing on the cake!). So, a man who is rich can easily overpower his average looks to impress women for dating.

How Power Attracts Women?
Men who have the power to command and supervise others are found to be highly popular as desired dating partners. For example, a businessman with the power to control many people working under him is bound to receive attention from women compared to a person of same attitude and looks, but having no power. Power is the measure of status in the society and a man with high status is preferred by women.

Men who are famous, rich and powerful are considered to be ‘safe’ as dating partners. Women find such men to be intelligent as intelligence has a great role in acquiring these three things. Moreover, such men reflect themselves as trustworthy and this inspires women to choose them for dating. These men possess leadership qualities as well and women prefer to date with men who are a bit dominating. So, men with these qualities have an upper hand over ordinary men when it comes to dating beautiful damsels around.

David DeAngelo states that famous, rich and powerful men turn on women psychologically. Women who wish for a good lifestyle are responsive towards such men. Women also believe that such men can give them the feelings they wish to have.

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