Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
Review of the popular eBook Double Your Dating

Good Looking and Confident Men Pick More Women for Dating

If you already possess good looks and confidence, consider half the battle won to impress women for dating. Even if you are not God gifted in terms of confidence and cool looks, you should make efforts to integrate them with your personality. Dating experts like David DeAngelo confirms good looks and confidence as the shortcuts to dating success in his guide Double Your Dating for men.

The following discussion and ideas shall help you know further how a good looking and confident man can have better chances of dating beautiful women.

Physical Traits
Features like good height and expressive eyes are some physical traits of men that turn on women. A good hairstyle is another part of men’s personality that attracts women towards them. It is not important to be masculine but possessing an athletic physique is what favors the men’s chance to be with beautiful women.

Hygiene is Important
Men who possess a neat and clean personality remain the center of attention in the crowd. Hygiene is an important aspect that makes men adorable to women. Good body odor and a fresh mouth contribute towards hygienic looks of men.

Dressing Up Well
A well-dressed man automatically becomes the center of attraction among women. Neat and clean attire, a right pair of shoes and accessories like watches contribute towards the pleasing looks of men. Apart from wearing good clothes, it is important to carry them well among the people.

Double Your Dating is a useful dating guide for men and it addresses the importance of good looks for men. You can obtain more tips on how to look good for dating with the help of this guide.

Confidence to Get Their Trust
Men are attractive when they are confident. Men who carry themselves with self-assuredness are more likely to get along with hot and sexy women around them. However, one needs to differentiate self-assuredness from arrogance.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Be sure of yourself and your abilities so that the real man inside you is reflected in front of women.
  • Know and accept what you can do and what you can’t. This will help you boost your level of confidence.
  • Have control on your actions, not only for a particular occasion, but you should have the control on different aspects of your life.
  • Be comfortable with yourself as it will make women feel comfortable in your company.

Being confident is being sexy for women. Believe the fact that women feel on the top of the world, if they are chosen by a confident man. Good looks and confidence compliment each other. Lacking in any one of them can reduce your chances of being on a dream date.

In Double Your Dating, David DeAngelo explains the importance of being attractive in terms of cool looks and confidence. While other dating guides miss to explain these two necessary traits, Double Your dating contains a good explanation on them. The book also deals with other areas that increase the chances for men to win great dates. Learn more about the book and its advanced dating guidance from