Double Your Dating eBook
Double Your Dating eBook
Review of the popular eBook Double Your Dating

Be a Magnet for Women through Body Languages and Signs

Anyone can develop a good body language, which will help you to mask your minor imperfections and flaws. David DeAngelo’s, useful ebook Double Your Dating has many tips that would help you build up a positive body language. It is proven that women love to spend more time with fun loving and interesting guys; hence by enhancing your flirting skills, you would be enjoying more of the company of ladies.

The basic idea is to convey that you are enjoying the company of the girls and are not bothered about the outcome. This positive personality would draw her closer to you. A welcoming attitude and unfolded arms are considered as symbols of openness and warmth whereas folded arms are considered as negative trait as it denotes closed personality. Men with a good body language and sign language enjoy popularity in girls’ circles. Women love to be in the company of these interesting personalities rather than serious looking guys.

Though most men don’t notice even the simplest nonverbal signals that women send out, it is a proven fact that body language makes even an ordinary conversation interesting. The body language signs are powerful seductive tools in the armor of any Casanova and the best part is that women like to surrender to the killing charm of these men. All you need to do is to pick up the signals that women send out subconsciously and you can use these signals to decipher the information that you are seeking. Even you can understand whether the woman is seriously interested in you or not by analyzing hr body language signs.

Body languages are just like traffic signs. The latter helps you to change the driving patterns; body language tells you about the fate that awaits you in your life. For instance if a girl points her shoulders way from hr, you can easily understand that she is no longer interested in you and you might get chucked out any moment if you are not making changes in your body language and attitude.

Open gestures convey that the girl is interested in a person whereas closed gestures mean that she is no longer interested. Watch her body language closely till it becomes open gestures and this could be the cut off point of your body language. It is one of the easiest methods to follow the girl’s thoughts and instincts without needing to talk a word.

To master the art of body language, you should be able to recognize the various open and closed gestures and to interpret them correctly, which could be used to your advantage. If a woman is not interested in you, she will have closed gestures. This would signal you that you change the behavioral pattern towards her and the moment you see open gestures from your girls side, you can be assured that your signal is working in sync with that of the girl’s.

Next time when you see you girl friend stroking her chin, it means that she may need some time to mull over the props and cons on the idea you presented to her. On the other hand if they walk with the head down and hands clasped behind the back, she is in trouble and is thinking of ways to solve them. Pick up more information on all these signals and more through the famous ebook of David DeAngelo, Double Your Dating. This would not only enable you to get closer to her but also would make you win her heart!